Coaching Services Included in Membership:


You will receive a goal or race oriented training plan that is derived from our initial assessment. You will be given a weekly or monthly training plan that will include:

- Strength plan

- Speed work and endurance sets

- Technique work and video analysis of form (swim, bike and run)

- Monthly testing

- Team Uniform

- All encompassing Swim/Bike/Run or Run/Bike/Run plan (inlcudes aquabike/aquathlon)

Coaching Services for Non-Members:


What you will receive:

- A One-on-one assessment including 1 repetition max for your strength program

- Choice of 6wk and 12wk training programs leading up to your goal race

- A plan with strength training, speed/endurance workouts and flexibility exercises

- On-going assessments for strength, endurance, speed, agility, power and more


Online Programs

6wk program - $230

12wk program - $380


1 on 1 programs

$45/hr or

$25/hr with purchase of an online plan