Zephyrs Of Steel - Kids Program

$800 enrollment fee for the year or $73/month Jan-Nov


Lead up online-programs for KOS events (non-members)

6week program - $150

12wk   program - $240


KOS Camp - May7th to June 7th

Information Here


Ages 6-12 (13+ train with adult group)


Separated into groups 6-9,10-12 (if numbers are high)



This group will play more games geared towards having fun while training. an example speed training game is tag



This group will have more structured training. The focus being technique


Training schedule


Sat 5:30pm Nicholas Sheran Pool

Mon Fri 6:30am Maxbell Pool



Friday 2:00pm Uleth Track



Wed 7pm Uleth Track


Training sessions

will last 45-60 minutes


Swim Training

Will be held at two separate pools; Nicholas Sheran on weekends and Maxbell Pool in the University of Lethbridge during the week


Bike Training

Will be outdoors during the spring/summer/fall nice weather days. During the winter the sessions are at the university track.


Run Training

Will be outdoors on nicer weather days at Nicholas Sheran Pool Park and it will be indoors at the University Track from December to March.